I’m  a french photographer based in Paris.
Multidisciplinary I’m working especially for press, communication and advertising.

archi reportage




Since 2010

Photography and graphic designs for companies, artists and public communication: French Embassy, ORANGE Romania, Nestlé (McCann-agency sitcom), Futurbrand agency, Telecom 1, Simplon.co
Photography & reportage for press: Regard, NoisyMag, LeMonde.fr, L’usine Digital,
Director of photography on video: “Le Monde” (work in progress), “Décohérence” short movie,music videos…


Collective reportage for the “ADB project” in London UK
Photographer project for a high school an insertion schedule (Puteaux, 92) Photographer assistant of Nicolas Guérin at film festival «The Golden Bear» (Berlin)


Scenography and logistics «Entre project» for the «Mois de la Photo» in Paris
Reportage in Bulgaria for the «Entre project»
Photographer for the “Césars Academy” in Paris Institutional photographer for the Girls Students Campus of Paris (16th)


Reportage in city of Reims for ESH Company


Jul. 2018: «Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert», Fr: «Ro Activ», Projection
Feb. 2018: Institut Français de Cluj, RO: «50 Portraits de Femmes Francophones», Casino Gallery
Sep. 2017: Institut Français de Cluj, RO: «Ro Activ, Portrait de famille d’une société civile», La Cave gallery
Oct. 2009: «London Photomonth» UK : Collective project «Entre», Pebbledash gallery,
Jun 2009: «Rencontres d’Arles» FR: Portrait’s projection «We are not always 20», Collective project «Entre», city’s street installation,
Apr 2009: the Biennale Phodar, Pleven, Bulgaria: Group Exhibition «Entre», Jan 2009,the French Cinémathèque (Paris) : Installation and performance,
Nov. 2008: «Mois de la Photo à Paris», the MIE (Paris) : Collective project «Entre»,
Nov 2007: French Cinémathèque (Paris) : Exhibition, 80 years celebration of the ESH
June 2007, La Cita Bar (Paris): Personal exhibition,
June 2004: Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris) Group Exhibition



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