Victor Miron

Cluj, March 2016

What’s your professional area activity?

By day I’m a librarian at Iovi Auto Garage. By night I’m an old reader. By weekend I’m a young writer.


Is it link to your project in a way?
« Iovi Auto Garaje » was the first auto garage with a library and it’s one of the most important sponsors of our activities. For example, the first little free library was paid for by Iovi.


What’s your project?
Cărțile pe față / Bookface is the campaign that promotes reading in unusual ways to demonstrate that if you read you become more creative.


When did you start?
The first initiative in the campaign was in February 2014 and since then we managed to do more than 20 activities.


How was the idea born?
It all started with me changing my Facebook profile picture with one in witch my face was covered by the book that I was reading. I wrote in the description that we are what we read and that the books we read tell more about us than the color of our eyes or our haircut.


What changes do you want to create?
I want to make reading a cool habbit so people read at least 2 books a month, and at least 20 minutes a day.


What’s next, what do expect? Any more details?
I hope that some of the initiatives we had read an international implementation. Probably the first one will be Travel by book, because people from all the continents wrote to me an said that they ar trying to make ther mayors to give free public transportation for people who read while they commute.