Florin Badița

Cluj, May 2015



What’s your professional area activity?
I’m Map Analyst, I work with maps and statistics.


Is it link to your project in a way?
No, I think it’s 180 degrees different from my project.


What’s your project?
Nefiresc, It`s a on-going NGO where we do flashmobs, happpenings and artivism.


When did you start?
I started doing it first in 2007 in Bucuresti  and let it aside for some time and then I resumed this at the start of 2015.


How was the idea born?
I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to meet the right kind of people, the kind of people that are open minded, always curious, always ready to try something new.
Also what I have observed is that people spend way too much time lock-in their social circle, so by organizing this kind of events, the participants can be connected with people of different age, mentality than their usual social circle.


What changes do you want to create?

I want to create a group of people that learn how to be proactive, to be able to act on their own, persons that question everything, and when they want something, instead of saying: « too bad we don’t have this in Romania », to think: « How cool, I could do this here! ».


What’s next, what do expect? Any more details?
To reach a more mainstream acknowledgement and to focus more on the social aspect of what are we doing.
The catch is that we can get people engaged using fun and diverse activities, and then we can make them more conscious about the social issues that are happening right now around them, and that they can be part of the solution.