Grandma was also taking photo

Some years after my grandmother passed away, I discovered she had a secret passion for pictures. She has taken pictures of her, capturing family moments or religious events happening around her and I was not knowing anything…

Until I fund some of her photos in a box of very old glass plates, left in our house attic, in the north of France, close to Belgium, not far from a city called Cambrai. After I took them with me back home, there was between 1925 and 1945 and I was wondering if there are still other treasures like this, hiding in darkest part of the attic. Then I though, what if I only had one chance and everything else has just disappeared during the second world war when the village was occupied and my grandmothers’ family had to leave for the bretagne coast.

I wanted to turn this happy accident in a collection of memories that I could share. Yesterday I just finished to digitalise almost one hundred photos. I chose not to retouch them too much, as I like very much to see the images like they are on the glass. I hope this small anthropological discovery will make you spend one moment with all those people, places and habits from the past. Enjoy the time travel.