Ioana Dobroiu


Bucuresti, October 2014




What’s your professional area activity?
I am currently working in the corporate environment as a customer service representative


Is it link to your project in a way?
No, not at all. It’s the opposite almost of the activity of the project. The common point is that, you have to work with people for both activities.


What’s your project?
The project, I am working on is called « Radio-activitate » and the scope of the project is to educate through activism, activism through critical thinking.


When did you start?
The project was my final MA paper, so it was put on paper in 2012, made the website in 2013, and now I am searching for partners to officially launch it.

How was the idea born?
 I noticed that in Romania, people just comment and comment and comment on things they are dissatisfied with and never do something about it. This behavior, I was disappointed in also seeing in myself. Then I said to myself « No more of this commenting around, you’re going to do something about it! ». With this mentality I started building the concept, the only thing I had was a funny word game « Radio-activity », « be radio-active ». Then it grew into this mechanism of teaching people the meaning of social activism, by direct interaction with the issues and creating a active creating community.
The community created art based on issues that bother the society and all is put together in a show.



What changes do you want to create?
The scope is social change by activism on one hand. On the other hand I am also aiming to create a perpetuum mobile in art creation by combing media toward a common theme, one can achieve innovation in art through the mix of art mediums and also in the same time learn that being critical = being active in social life!
It’s a shame how things just remain on the level of ideas, people should learn how to make them real.


What’s next, what do expect?Any more details?
Nothing more than I am awaiting with enthusiasm for the launch and the product of this mechanism. As a real scientist I am weighing out the results.