Cluj, November 2014



What’s your professional area activity?

Street art.


Is it link to your project in a way?
Yes, Muralism is like many other ways of street art, it’s a way to free the people and this is what I like most in this way of doing art.


What’s your project?
It’s not only one project I am working on, it’s more like a network of ideas I’m trying to put in a big picture. Sounds like the ”work” of my life in small steps. Anyway the common thing of all actions is about searching for essence and make it a public statement in a creative way. I don’t want to find “the key of life” or something like that, I just realized life is so simple, if you take time to watch it. I love to share my feelings with others through art.
I fell is fair enough to give it to the others for free also. Not making an idea a piece of art owned by a group of persons or a single one that afford to buy it.
To make it more clear, I want to promote a open museum in the streets to put the ideas all togheter: street art as a way of freedom of speech, art for free for the public. Muralism as a new tendency in art development is a great way for supporting the young artists to hack the system.


How was the idea born?
In general you got the ideas for free from somewhere like cosmos mixed with real life in a shape of inspiration.


When did you start?
In 2000 I found graffiti and start drawing again, a habit, a left over from childhood. This “game” evolved during a long time into street art and now Muralism. Lately I love to paint big walls and will see were these will go. But during the journey, four years ago, I started to teach and share with children and younger artists for them to express themselves. And I loved it.


What changes do you want to create?
I want to promote the idea of public space as a huge art gallery in open space. Sharing art for free I hope will change the point of view seeing art in the future.


What’s next, what do expect? Any more details?
We are working to build a street art museum in Romania, using walls of the cities as canvas for artists. I realize more and more artists love the idea of painting big walls to express themselves in a public space.
The goal of this project is to sustain the young artists and promote the street art scene in Romania.