The Thai King mourning signs

The 13th of October 2016 in Bangkok the King Rama IX of Thailand dies at the age of 88.

Since, everyday tens of thousands of people come to Bangkok to pay their respect to the last King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
At least during the 100 following days, the country is going to show respect, but mourning is about to last one year.
Due to his investment in the modernisation of the country, he was considered by most of Thai people as the father of the nation.
His reign was the longest in Thai history, a 70 years reign and the most loved  monarch of their History.
Everywhere in the country you can see signs of bereavement and as an exemple most of the Smiling Land people are dressed in black. On every communication channel there are videos of respect towards the king and also on planes, trains and busses.
All the thai websites are in black and white.
Most of all, you feel that everybody is hopping that his disappearance will keep them out of troubles.

These pictures were taken in the first two weeks of January 2017.


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